The Rust Belt Chronicles- Lorain’s Own Jaclyn Bradley Palmer Leaves a Famous Television Show and Releases a New EP

The Rust Belt Chronicles: Everyone has a dream, one that pushes them to try for something more. And sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone to find that dream. Or sometimes you have to leave home in order to achieve that dream. And that is just what happened to a talented singer from Lorain, Ohio named Jaclyn Bradley Palmer.

While living in Northern Ohio, Jaclyn Bradley Palmer had developed her beautiful singing voice. That voice allowed Palmer to gain a following. Soon enough, Palmer and her husband ended up moving to Los Angeles where she began getting deeper and deeper into the music industry. And while out west, Palmer continued striving for success. In fact, songs from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer have been featured on shows that appear on Bravo, VH1, MTV, HGTV and others.

Jaclyn Bradley Palmer’s life changed when her husband was transferred overseas to Holland. It was there that Palmer took the same chance that many have taken over the years. While in Holland, Palmer tried out and made the cut to compete on The Voice of Holland, the original program that spawned many international offshoots, including the show that Americans recognize simply as The Voice.

Like many contestants, Jaclyn Bradley Palmer ended up getting a strong following while she performed on The Voice of Holland before she ultimately ended up not being chosen to move on. But the opportunity to perform on that program has led Jaclyn Bradley Palmer to gain a larger following. That fan following is about to get a little larger in the near future as Palmer is set to release her newest EP. The new release from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer is titled Be It Wild or Poetic.

Be It Wild or Poetic from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer begins simply enough with an a’cappella track called “Oooo” that is nothing more than a simple vocalization of Palmer going “Oooo, Oooo….” The track’s simplistic feel acts like a very straightforward introduction to the remainder of the EP.

That introduction segues into the song “Love the Bodies We’re In”. With the way the media unfairly and continuously promotes a “perfect body” image for both men and women (more often for the women) more and more people lose confidence in the way they look. With the track of “Love the Bodies we’re In,” Jaclyn Bradley Palmer creates a song that tackles that unfair mentality. The track not only deals with the image of body types but also sexual preference, as well. The track’s message of be the best person you can be ends up being a very positive statement. The track features a very gentle folk quality to the music. And the pace to the music that seems to emphasize the message. In a world where image is everything, “Love the Bodies We’re In” from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer feels like a modern-day anthem for today’s young adults.

Speaking of modern-day anthems, the next track finds Jaclyn Bradley Palmer exploring inner strength. The song “Freedom Ring” finds Palmer singing about finding the strength after ending a relationship and discovering that no longer being attached to anyone could actually feel liberating. “Freedom Ring” is a track that once again, contains a strong Folk flavor in the song’s music while the pace and energy level of the song suggests a definite Rock influence. The Folk-Rock approach of the track adds a strength to the feel of the music contained within the Be It Wild or Poetic release.

While Jaclyn Bradley Palmer has chosen a different track to lead off the promotion of her Be It Wild or Poetic EP, it is the track “Freedom Ring” that truly feels like a track that should be lighting up the airwaves. The song features a strong Pop-Rock sound that comes complete with a driving feel to the music. And just like with the first single “Love the Bodies We’re In,” “Freedom Ring” is a track that features Palmer singing lyrics about feeling empowered. “Freedom Ring” is a song that feels ready-made for Top 40 radio.

With the track “Pretend,” the listener truly gets a sense of who Jaclyn Bradley Palmer truly is. Holding a Degree in Vocal Performance, that training comes through in this track. The near-operatic vocal style from Palmer and the easy feel to the piano on the track creates a rather beautiful track on the new EP. The simplistic approach to the track allows for Palmer’s voice to truly stand out.

As you listen to the new EP from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer, you hear a common thread through each of the tracks. As Palmer creates each song, she adds a certain amount of positivity in the lyrics to the song. The track “Be Epic” is no different. The track that features both the piano and the guitar comes with a gentle pace to the music while she sings about not just being stronger, but being unforgettable. The easy pace to the music seems to be the perfect match as the listener is invited to listen instead of being told. “Be Epic” is yet another anthem for the singer’s followers, as well as those who need that extra push to make things happen.

Together, each of the seven tracks that make up the new EP from Jaclyn Bradley Palmer combine to create a release with a listener-friendly feel to the music, while also being radio-friendly at the same time. Her Be It Wild or Poetic EP has many moments that will become favorites of those who take the time to appreciate her musical talent.

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